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As a renowned creative-futurist and designer, Mr. Julian has worked with and on widely diverse projects from media and entertainment to medical, engineering, sustainability and the environment. While at home addressing world leaders on core strategic topics as a sought after keynote speaker or leading a global team of innovators, 

Preferring to work with cross disciplinary teams to drive meaning and measurable outcomes. He is highly regarded in art, film, game, technology, advertising and design industries with multiple awards and patents, including 6 Gold CLIO'S and a V.E.S. (Visual Effects Society) Award for Best Art Direction. 

Mr. Julian career began working with various high profile companies including BMW/ Designworks, Gucci, Rover, Rolls-Royce and Siemens. A highly successful time at Oakley resulted in several notable patents. 

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His visionary work quickly attracted the attention of Hollywood, notably Steven Spielberg who invited Jeff to be a part of a team of futurists for the film “The Minority Report”. Provided a springboard for the next eighteen years to work with Hollywoods 'A-List' including Ridley Scott, the Wachowski’s., David Fincher, Brian Singer, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks SKG, Digital Domain, Paramount Studios, Universal, Sony and George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic.


In addition to his Hollywood film work, Jeff is equally recognized for developing content & intellectual property for countless clients including Apple, RED cameras, Samsung, American Express, Adidas, Nike, BMW, Rolls Royce, Audi, Ford, and Ogilvy & Mather to name a few.


Mr. Julian in recent years has begun consulting and travelling the world as a keynote speaker and panellist for organizations as diverse as NASA/JPL, BAE, Samsung, Hyundai, Disney on topics ranging from Research & Innovation, the Environment, Medicine, Technology, Defense and Strategy. He is a co-founder in several exciting innovation and disruption start-ups in Australia and the United States.






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Tel: 1-818-484-0797 US


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